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District 11
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B eautiful things...
Canon!Rue is a twelve year-old girl from District 11 and that District's female tribute for the 74th Hunger Games. The youngest and smallest of the twenty-four tributes, Rue relied on her swiftness at climbing through the trees and her alliance with Katniss Everdeen to help her through.

Rue Cartwright is one of the younger members of Sherlock Holmes' so-called "Homeless Network". Orphaned at the age of ten, with no known relatives Rue and her siblings were separated and placed in different foster families. Rue lasted about seven months with her foster parents before running away, lighting out on her own on the streets of London.

Rue is from The Hunger Games series of novels by Suzanne Collins, and is the property of Ms. Collins, Scholastic Publishing and Lionsgate Films. I am not affiliated with any of these groups. I am not Amandla Stenberg nor am I associated with her. This journal is for roleplaying purposes on sixwordstories and memebells.